Pre-requisite trainings:
NAMI Family Education Courses
TVC’s Parent-2-Parent Course

Required training:
Family Support Specialist Competency Course

Cost:  $500 (Scholarships are available, please click here for more details)


Certification Criteria:

1) Be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older;

2) Hold a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED);

3) Self-identify as being or having been the caregiver/family member of a child or youth with an emotional, behavioral, or co-occurring disorder;

4) Provide a statement of personal experience regarding navigating the child-serving systems as the caregiver/family member of a child or youth with an emotional, behavioral or co-occurring disorder;

5) During the last five (5) years, have actively participated for at least twelve (12) consecutive months in service planning, system navigation, and building resiliency for a child or youth;

6) Successfully complete the evidence-based and/or best practice training currently recognized by TDMHSAS

7) Successfully demonstrate mastery of the following competencies through testing and evaluation as required by one of the evidence-based and/or best practice Family Support Specialist Training Programs recognized by TDMHSAS

8) Have a minimum of six (6) months paid and/or volunteer work in a support capacity in any or all of the following roles: peer counselor, support group facilitator, family support provider, peer educator

9) Be under the direct supervision of a mental health professional.

10) Read, understand, and agree to the following: successful completion of approved training program, required competencies, paid or volunteer experience, CFSS scope of activities, CFSS code of ethics