Hear Our Voices tells the inspiring stories of nine children and young adults who are fighting to overcome their mental health issues. Their stories are framed by some of the nation’s top mental health care experts, who contend children’s mental health issues are real and treatable, occurring with much greater frequency than most people imagine.

A film by award-winning filmmakers David & Patricia Earnhardt in association with Tennessee Voices for Children, Hear Our Voices reveals the high costs society pays when young people with mental health issues do not receive the help they need. Continued underfunding of mental health services has depleted an already fragile system. Children are going without necessary services and programs, ultimately leading to an increase in mortality rates, suicides, addictions, and crime.

The message of this film is clear: sweeping changes are needed in the delivery of mental health services to the children who need them. Through such changes, children with mental health issues have a better chance to provide for themselves, live up to their potential, and be contributing members of society. Inspiring and motivating, Hear Our Voices makes the case that when children with mental health challenges are treated in their own homes and communities, they develop skills that better prepare them for the future.

The stories behind the film are impactful and life changing. Click HERE to read more about these exceptional individuals. For resources in your area, click HERE to visit our directory and take action today.

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