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Title Description
Common Sense Parenting Common Sense Parenting is an award winning, practical, skill-based parenting program that teaches parents and caregivers easy-to-learn techniques and logical strategies to address everyday issues of... Request Information
Engaging Families: What We’ve Learned In order to understand effective ways to get families involved, educators are given a chance to discuss their experiences in working with and engaging parents/families.  Through reflection,... Request Information
Family Matters To successfully engage families, it is important to first understand how families function and their important role in a youth’s development.  After completing the training, educators,... Request Information
What is Cultural Diversity? Beliefs and values differ greatly from person to person and in this training, participants are encouraged to consider their own beliefs and values that affect their interactions with individuals... Request Information
Dealing with Change Successfully A smooth transition can mean success for youth, parents and teachers throughout the school year. This training provides information to educators on the significance of key academic transitions for... Request Information
Developing Parent Leaders   Research outcomes point to improved behaviors, high grades, and children staying in school longer when parents are involved in their child’s education.  How do schools and... Request Information
Parents and Teachers Talking Together TPIRC staff facilitate a discussion between the two groups most responsible for student learning – parents and teachers.  What do parents and teachers most want for their students?... Request Information
Responding to Children Under Stress Teachers and school staff often does not have needed training to recognize, provide support, or structure their classrooms in ways that encourage successful social-emotional and academic... Request Information
Secrets of Family Engagement Family involvement is critical and a vital resource for schools.  It is important that district and school leaders have information, strategies, and resources that enable them to develop and... Request Information
Tennessee's Parental Involvement Standards As part of Tennessee’s educational reform initiative, all public schools will provide information to parents and the community on their parental involvement efforts.  This information... Request Information
What Does “No Child Left Behind” Mean for My Child? Parents and families have a lot to worry about when it comes to their child’s success in school. This training helps parents and families better understand No Child Left Behind, including... Request Information
How can Supplemental Educational Services help my child? Under No Child Left Behind, some students are eligible to receive extra services. This training helps parents and families understand Supplemental Educational Services, who is eligible, parent... Request Information
Child and Adolescent Development Kids are always changing and this training provides an overview of the developmental milestones in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children and adolescents from ages 0... Request Information
Keeping it Positive Children do not come with handbooks. However, this training can help parents/caregivers understand normal childhood development and provide specific tools and strategies to use in dealing with... Request Information
We're All in This Together It takes a village to raise a child but sometimes it is difficult to build that support system. This training works in two parts to help create a successful network of services each child. The... Request Information
A Parent's Support System Each birth parent, foster parent and relative caregiver can become overwhelmed with the stress of raising a happy, healthy and successful child. This training provides well-deserved support in... Request Information
Being Involved = Success for Your Child Parents/caregivers of middle school and high school students often deal with the struggle of granting their child more independence and maintaining active involvement in their school.  This... Request Information
Continuing Education At Home A child’s education should not stop when they walk out the school doors. The goal of this training is to increase awareness of why parents/caregivers should encourage learning in the home.... Request Information
How to Make a Smooth Transition Dealing with change successfully can mean success for youth, parents and teachers throughout the school year. This multi-tiered training focuses on the key academic transitions for children and... Request Information
When Parents Need Support: Working with Your ADHD Child Parents express concern when their child is diagnosed with ADHD. Providing information to parents/caregivers and educators on ADHD and as well as positive behavioral strategies to implement in home... Request Information
Helping Your Child to Achieve What is a parent or teacher to do when a child is not engaged in learning? This training equips parents with strategies to engage and excite their child in learning. Request Information
Response to Interventions (RTI) The state of Tennessee is moving to providing RTI for students identified at risk academically and/or behaviorally. This training provides information to parents on the RTI process, their role, and... Request Information
Love. Read. Learn. Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. This training provides parents with “in the moment” strategies to reinforce 5 critical skills for their child to become a... Request Information
Parent 2 Parent Advocacy Training Parent 2 Parent Advocacy Training is an 18 hour course that provides the following: Understanding System of Care philosophy and TVC services Having a better understanding of Mental Health... Request Information
Positive Behavior Interventions This training focuses on providing parents/caregivers an understanding of normal childhood development and providing specific tools and strategies for the parent/caregiver to use in dealing with... Request Information
Family Functioning This training targets increasing the awareness of teachers, mental health and social service providers in understanding families, how they function, and their significance in a child and... Request Information
Attachment Issues with Foster Children The training has been developed to assist DCS case managers, foster parents, relative caregivers, and school staff in understanding how secure attachments relate to a child’s physical,... Request Information
Disruptive Behaviors With Foster Children This training has been developed to increase the awareness of DCS case managers, mental health and social services professionals, foster parents, relative caregivers, and school staff of the... Request Information
Psychiatric Medications for Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Caregivers This training provides caregivers of children and adolescents with information on the reasons for considering psychiatric medications, the need to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, guidelines... Request Information
Special Education and IDEA The topic of Special Education and IDEA has been broken down to separate trainings. One of the trainings focuses on providing principals, school staff, and regular education teachers with an... Request Information
Mental Health: A Training Curriculum for Caregivers The target audience for this training is relative caregivers, foster parents, and parents and provides information on the process of assessment and diagnosis, psychiatric disorders in infancy,... Request Information
Using System of Care Philosophy and a Child and Family Team Approach to Serving Families This training has been developed to educate professionals working with children with behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues and their families in developing systems of care that enables... Request Information
Working With Professionals This training has been developed in 2 parts: the first part of the training increases the skills and abilities of parents/relative care givers/ foster parents to work with teachers, doctors, mental... Request Information
Working With Families of Special Needs Children The target audience for this training is school staff, mental health and social service professionals. The training provides information on the needs of families with special needs children, how to... Request Information
Working with Special Needs Children: This training provides an overview of the most common emotional and physical disabilities for children, strategies for working with these children in the classroom, working with families and... Request Information
Working with Birth Parents The purpose of this training is to increase the skills of Department of Children Services case managers, foster parents, and mental health and social service professionals to engage and support birth... Request Information
Building an Effective Child and Family Team This training provides information on Child and Family Teams for family members.  The Department of Children Services and Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities use this... Request Information
Effective Advocacy Skills This training has been developed to assist birth parents, foster parents, and relative care givers they feel overwhelmed and need supports in learning how to effectively communicate concerns, to... Request Information
Parenting Assessments Assessment includes: In Home Risk Assessment on the following domains: Childhood history Drug/alcohol history, criminal history, mental health Current/past CPS history Isolation,... Request Information